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The right step before Your Big step!

If you are on this page that means that you are getting ready to take the big step and before doing so want to put in the work to set yourselves up for a successful and magical relationship with clear plans for the future! Many couples spend more time discussing their wedding or the house where they are going to live than talking about the future, and many times this ends with the two separating without really knowing how or why. With only 6-8 session, this program will give you the tools and the skills to communicate effectively and solve all your problems together.

You will learn:


1: The 4 Horseman and how to identify and manage them based on Gottman Institute principles

2:How to turn any disagreement into opportunities for growth

3:How to build your habits as a couple – finding the synchronizations to your rhythms and routines

4: Aspiration and dream road-mapping

5: Sex therapy and intimacy coaching

I am certified from Gottman Institute program and therapy a NLP practitioner with a diploma of sexual therapy , psychology counselling and conflict management.This course is for all the couple that want to have a long and stable relationship. As your personal coach,my goal is to help you gain new insight and awareness, set new habits, and achieve your most significant goals. My objective is to support, guide and empower you as a couple, so both of you can have the best experience and because you are all different in your needs I will customize your personal sessions, focused on the only result possible; The Victory of Love.


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