What talk about before moving in together (Part 1.)

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

One of the most common problems that I have found with couples during my everyday work, is that they do not spend time talking about what is important for the future.

Many times, I hear people say, “We love each other, everything else will be okay and is not important" or “we are young… we have time to figure that out”.

I have to say that the first statement is wonderful, very romantic…. but most definitely not enough and the second extremely dangerous.


Well, if a couple does not spend time talking for example about Finance, Family, Dreams and what they want their Future to look like, they can find themselves in a relationship that is not what they expected. How many times have you heard your friend at the end of a relationship say "this is just not what I ‘signed up for’" – but then how did they know what that was meant to be if it was never properly discussed?