The Push and Pull Technique.

Hello everyone, I would like answer to this very good question. What if your date

stops respond to you and then when you stop trying he will come back to you?

This kind of situation has a name, in Psychology is called " The Push and Pull technique" and is used by Men and Women consciously and unconsciously. This is one technique used as a psychological manipulation scheme and can be very useful in many ways.


How does it work?

This technique works like fishing.

The person that uses it starts to give to the other person the best attractive experience like for example; -very good texting communication -the best date experience They can even share their own vulnerability to attract you. They make you think that they are good to keep around.

Then when you are attracted enough they let you go with cold behavior or disappearing or acting distant.

Then come back again with warm and charming behavior.

If you know how to use it, this technique can really work if you just started to date, with your partner or if you want back your ex.

There is a lot of relationship coach that suggest this technique to get back ex-partners.

I personally think that is in any circumstances wrong to try to manipulate someone. If you feel uncomfortable with this I suggest letting go of the person that you are in contact with. Remember to settle your boundaries, learn to read, and recognize the red flags. If someone is really interested, do not need psychological manipulation techniques.

With love


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