7 Steps to Recovering after a Breakup!

Trying to heal from a breakup hurts no matter what kind of breakup you had to go through, mutual or one-sided. Whether you dump someone or are dumped, a breakup negatively influences you. When a person you love leaves your life, it has a psychological impact due to the breakup of your emotional link with them. Breakups can be one of life's most common and traumatic events.

I vividly recall when in 2012 I stepped on the bridge near to my town in Italy.

I recall looking down on the Po River, the country's largest and most terrifying river, contemplating ending my miserable life in a distinct state of depression.

Many months of mental criticism about the way I was walking, talking, dressing, eating…

That has been the lowest moment in my life, that pushes me to search for help.

I went through 8 sessions that helped me to cope a little with my pain.

Then, in 2017, I had another poor ending relationship, for which I cried for months.

At that moment I understood that the oldest wound was still open.

I discovered that I never really coped, make peace with my past, and my past was coming back…

No book teaches us how to deal with the anguish of love.

In the last few years, I've dedicated my time to understanding and assisting people going through difficult times as I did, helping them to write the word END with the past, understand the patterns that take us in unpleasant directions.

Even if your most recent relationship was only a few weeks long, you might still suffer from heartache and sadness, leaving you psychologically and physically exhausted.

Breakups can give you the same PST symptoms as a loss of a relative.

There isn't a magic solution that can make this agony go away, but coping methods can help.