5 Principles of a Healthy Relationship

Ciao Tutti!

In this article I would like talk about, another one of the big questions people need to ask themselves and that is - am I in a healthy relationship?

I am sure that if you ask google - "What is a Healthy relationship?" - you will find thousands of different explanations.

I have studied, researched and observed from the experiences of my clients and identified a list of 5 essential (near magical) points that in my opinion truly indicate a healthy relationship. While everyone has their own way to see, live and define the success criteria of what is healthy in their relationship, I believe 100% that these principles are helpful to ensuring a lasting love.

The 5 magic 'R' formula.


This my friends is the first step - your relationship has to be REAL. What do I mean by real? Real means you are part of each others' lives - all in and integrated with family / friends, you have no secrets or hidden skeletons in the closet and you are yourself with your partner - not just projecting a version of you that is not authentic.


Second, you must take responsibility in the relationship for your own happiness - I cannot stress this enough. There should be 'no blame game' between you two and you must hold yourself to account for your own actions and words.

Taking responsibility motivates you both to grow.

As an example, if your other half is continually unhappy with some situation and blames it on you, by accepting this blame and them constantly not owning up to their responsibility - you hurt both of you and are not providing them with the tools to grow.


Respect here has two meanings – firstly, respect for each other’s feelings and thoughts and secondly, admiration for each other’s abilities.


Reassurance is something that everybody needs every day in a couple life.

You can give reassurance through the 5 languages of love- Love, Touch, Time, Gift(small or big),or Doing Things.

The second part of reassurance is to be supportive and compassionate to each other every day supporting each other through your challenges and dreams.


When you have a REAL relationship full of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and REASSURANCE the icing on the cake to ensure your happiness together is to be RELAXED!