Dating Coach


- Where are all the good men?

- Where are all the good women?

- They are everywhere around you!

- Are you frustrated with dating the wrong person over and over again? Maybe you have had too many dates disappear on you?

- Are you to shy to start a conversation with the one? Do you want to learn how to meet more people, what to talk about on a date and how to identify if she/he is genuine or just another one wasting time?

Whatever your dating need is – if you are ready to put in the effort as a dating coach I can help you to resolve your dilemmas and guide you to get on track building the best relationship!

As your Personal Coach & Mentor, I will help you to:

Eliminate your fear and your ghosts (of the past),

Build Confidence

 Learn connecting conversational techniques

 How to hold on to a Positive attitude

Use “The Italian Way” - Romantic Courtship styles

The Gottman 8 Date

I am Certified from Gottman Institute and as an NLP Practitioner with a diploma of Sexual Therapy, Psychology Counselling and Conflict Management.

These sessions are for all the people that want to find ‘the One’, fall in love and have a future. As your personal coach, my goal is to help you gain new insight and awareness, set new habits, and achieve your most significant goals. My objective is to support, guide and empower you, so you can have the best experience and because you are all different in your needs I will customize your personal sessions, focused on the only result possible;

The Victory of Love. 

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