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My Story

I grew up in an environment that was not conducive to learning what a relationship is and how it functions. My mother and father used to quarrel while I was growing up.

I recall sleeping in the same room as my sister as a child, and both of us remember the yelling. The words of hate and scorn were spoken between my parents.

'Been married sucks,' my sister once commented, and I silently agreed with her.

This kind of environment and behavior between my parents continued for years until we moved house, changed friends, changed surroundings, and connected in the hopes that something would change, but it didn't. They were at the same point.

The harm has been done, and I grew up feeling that all relationships were awful.

My personal opinions were reinforced when I observed my friends getting married after many years of dating and then being divorced after only a few years.

I'd never wanted to be married in the first place. It's too painful, I reasoned.

But a significant issue lingered in my mind: why was my Aunty happily married while the rest of the family was broken and resentful?

What made them different from the others?

I learned about relationships, love, and sex from Hollywood movies and intimacy via Red-Light Cassette for romance.

So, my notion was that my Aunty and uncle were two beautiful soul mates who happened to meet in this vast ocean of people, and they have the best bed gym in the world!

Then, in 2010, I experienced the worst love encounter of my life, one that could have killed me. After those two years, I was heartbroken, depressed, suicidal in thinking, and financially destitute.

I WANT TO CHANGE! That is why I chose to seek assistance. Eight hours of meetings to help me see that I was the problem, that I was sabotaging myself, and that my environment was only a reflection of who I was.

Fearful, apprehensive, uncommitted, and disorganized.

In Australia, a long and challenging reform process began.

I learned how to love, organize myself, and figure out my true desires.

I was able to achieve inner calm after four years of self-inner effort.

I was finally able to be the man I wanted to be: stable, secure, mature, and ready to face any obstacle in a long-term relationship; in fact, it was at that point that the universe introduced me to the woman who would become my wife.

I began studying the dynamics of relationships and psychology to learn how to be the best in my future relationships.

Those studies convinced me that I wanted to help others in this sector, which is why I now work with people who want to alter their lives for the better. Those who wish to have beautiful relationships but are afraid to date because they believe they have no chance, and those who want to pursue a different career or live a different life but don't know where to begin.

I chose this job because I believe there is no teaching in this vital area of life; you can learn a lot of subjects like geography, math, engineering, and so on... Love and relationships, on the other hand, are a different story.

And if it is true that our relationships reflect our lifestyle, we can see where the educational system falls short.

As a result, I do what I do because I believe in love, decent people, and the possibility of creating a new generation of marriage and family, as well as a new generation of winners.

Relationships, I believe, are a talent that everyone can develop, as I did.

I believe happiness is a decision that stems from our belief system and can be altered, modified, and overcome.

But I also believe that none of the above will be realized without hard work, without exploring who we are and what we desire.

My purpose is to obtain happiness by witnessing others experience joy.

I'll listen to you, support you, and walk alongside you on your path to self-love discovery, to make love your best victory and victory your best friend.

Certified Couple and Dating Coach

Author of the upcoming book Victory is my New Best Friend, Mauro is a Public Speaker and holds a diploma in Couple and Sexual Therapy as well as certified Gottman Couples Practitioner (Gottman Institute) and NLP Practitioner certification.

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